Best Way To Clean And Condition Your Leather Jacket

Knowing the best way to clean and condition your leather jacket is

important because a leather jacket is a big investment in

your wardrobe.Understanding how to properly care for it will help your

investment go further. With proper care, there is no reason that your jacket

should not last for many years, unless of course it goes out of style; there’s

no cure for that. Many of the steps necessary to keep your jacket in tip top

shape do not require any products,only proper care. When it comes time to

clean and condition your leather, however, you will need the right products

to ensure that your jacket gets cleaned and conditioned without any harm.

Leather Jacket Care 101

There are a few simple steps to take when you bring your jacket home for the first time:

• Know the type of leather – if you are unsure, ask before bringing it home.

This will have a large impact on how you care for it.

• Protect it from the elements – If you will be wearing your jacket outside

in rain or snow, you will need to protect it from harm.A quality water

protectant,such as Chamberlain’s Water Protectant No. 3, will help to

condition as well as protect your leather from any moisture it may come

into contact with in the elements. If it’s a suede jacket, use a suede

protection spray. Most protectants do not create a permanent chemical

bond and therefore should be re-applied each season. Always clean evenly

from seam to seam to prevent premature wear.

• Blot stains – If you get a liquid stain, such as a drink on your jacket,

simply blot it with a clean cloth; do not rub it into the jacket.

• Let it Dry – If your leather gets wet, do not put it in the dryer, let it dry

naturally.Once dry,condition it with an appropriate leather


• Hang it Right – When storing your leather, use a sturdy hanger that has a

little padding to keep the shape of your jacket.

• Don’t Use Plastic – Avoid the use of plastic bags when storing your

leather as it could cause it to dry out and crack.

• Empty Pockets – Avoid leaving heavy objects in your pockets, such as car

key or a cell phone; it can stretch the leather.

Cleaning and Conditioning Your Leather Jacket

Perhaps the most important component of proper leather jacket care is the

use of the right leather cleaner and conditioner. When you use a

cleaner,such as Chamberlain’s Straight Cleaner No. 2, you can trust that

you are using a cleaner with the right cleaning agents that will not harm

your leather by clogging it up with harmful chemicals. After you clean your

leather jacket, it is vital that you apply the appropriate conditioner, such as

Chamberlain’s Leather Care Liniment No. 1, to keep your jacket from drying

and cracking.